Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mirana Complete Build


Mirana the Princess of the Moon, is a ranged Agility Hero that uses her abilities to surprise, chase, and assault enemies. She is an excellent huntress and widely known for her Sacred Arrow which stuns her victim with deadly precision. The arrow stuns longer when its fired from a farther distance. Mirana can bring down the stars with Starstorm to damage nearby enemies and an additional star to cast down on her one unfortunate target. Mounting with her trusted tiger Sagan, Mirana can Leap forward over a distance, to escape or chase, and enhancing her allies with a roar, increasing their attack and movement speed. Invoking the power of her moon goddess, Mirana uses her ultimate, Moonlight Shadow to cloak all allied heroes and herself with invisibility. At any time, Mirana and her allies can break out of their hiding with an ambush and fade into the shadows again during the duration of the spell. With an array of mighty and supportive skills, Mirana is a versatile heroine that can excel early in the game as a mobile ganker. She is not much heavily reliant on luxurious items but she can benefit from almost any item that gives her presence in the battlefield.

                                                                                              Mirana Is :

                                                                                           Hero Stats

    Hero Abilities

                                                                                      Hero Skills (Arrow)

                                                                                            Item Build

Stanrting ( Rushing Bottle )

Starting ( Lane ) 
Early Game ( 0-10 min )
Core Items ( 15-20 min )
Late Game Items ( 40+ min )                
                                                                                    Hero Skills ( Hard Carry ) 

                                                   Item Build (Hard Carry )

Starting Build
Early Game ( 0-10 min )

Core Items ( 15-20 min )
Late Game ( 40+ min )