Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 Things You Should and Shouldn't Be Doing Every Time !!

Hello guys :) Now I'll tell you about thing you should and shouldn't be doing.I hope you Enjoy!

                                                                       Things you SHOULD do:

1. Communicating with your team: Via text, voice, chat wheel  it doesn’t matter, just do it. Communication is extremely important so people don’t waste their time, or build items that have bad synergy.
Do we need three mekanisms or desolators??

2. Warding: Here we go again. If not you, at
least somebody.If nobody, then YOU.

3.Picking someone who fits with the team: Does your team need someone who has a move that can stun the enemy? Pick that hero. Do they need someone to help protect their carry so he can farm? Then pick them. I know you may go into games wanting to play someone, but if you just want to practice, try a bot game first.

 4. Knowing your role: Are you Tidehunter, who has a great ultimate for initiating team fights? Were you anywhere near that last team fight? No? Well you should have been. You need to know what your hero should be doing and what is the best way for them to contribute.

5. Knowing where everyone is: Where is the enemy? Where is your team? You obviously can’t know where every enemy is at every second, but over time you will be able to assess it better. If you don’t see the enemy at all, it’s probably not wise to wander around by yourself.

                                                       Things you SHOULDN"T DO

1. Dying: Ok, you will die pretty much every match, it’s a given. But there’s a difference between unavoidable deaths, and deaths caused by silly mistakes. These mistakes could be A) going too far past the creep line into the enemy territory B) going somewhere dangerous when you don’t know where they are C)trying to kill someone and failing terribly D)chasing an enemy that is leading you into a trap etc. It’s better to play conservatively than to give the enemy free gold every three minutes.

2. Spamming spells for last hits or whatever reason: Some heroes can spam their spells easily, but others can’t. If your main harassment spell takes up half your mana, it probably isn’t wise to use it every ten seconds.

3. Nothing: Are you standing around doing nothing? Stop that! You’re wasting time, money, and experience. Go kill creeps, help a teammate, put wards down, anything but just standing around. Make opportunities, don’t wait for them.

4. Making some wacky item: Dota is not as simple as “buy the item with the biggest damage boost.” You should be making items that suit your character. Really, just follow the recommended items Valve tell you to buy. Some heroes kind of make me wonder about their item recommendations, but largely it is effective.

5. Going Rambo: Don’t even try to fight an enemy one on one unless you have some strong advantage. Even if you think you might possibly be in danger if you try to attack someone, don’t do it. Genghis Khan said “only a fool fights a battle he knows he cannot win.” LISTEN TO GENGHIS KHAN.