Thursday, February 20, 2014

Top Useful Websites For DotA 2

Hello guys now ill give you the link of top sites for DotA 2

1. Dota 2 Wiki <<This is the wiki for Dota 2. Most of the pictures here are stolen from that site. It has information on every hero, item, and game mechanic. It is definitely an invaluable resource.

2.Dota 2 Alt Tab<<This site has mini guides for each hero.

3.Official Dota 2 Blog<<Valve’s official blog about Dota 2. It has news, update notes, and of course a link to the cosmetic store.

4.Play Dota<<A huge Dota 1 resource website. They have a ton of guides, but it may be confusing since all the icons and names are from Dota 1. You can download a Firefox app that makes the icons revert to Dota 2 ones though

5. Dota Cinema<< A Youtube channel that has a ton of Dota 2 videos, ranging from basic information, strategies, hero guides, and more.

6.Purge Gamers<< Another Dota related Youtube channel. This one has a lot of match replays with commentary, so it’s good to see how other people tackle the game.

7.Alan Gaming(GamingHoldDOTA2<< A new alan Youtube channel who 2 videos per week

7.Pyrion Flax<< Comedy guides about Dota 2. Very funny if not always informative.

8.Cyborgmatt<<After every update, Cyborgmatt does an extensive breakdown on all of the added content. Very cool to see what Valve may have in store in the coming days/weeks.