Friday, February 14, 2014

DotA 2 For Beginners

Hello guys this is my first blog and the theme of this blog will be for some popular games CS:GO and DotA 2 :)  I'll post videos pictures text tutorials etc. :) i hope you enjoy
Now lets talk about DotA 2

                                                                     Trailer of DotA 2   

Dota 2 is a multi player online battle arena video game.. DotA means Defense of the Ancients created by Valve, the game was officially released on July 9, 2013. This is strategy game. To be good you need skills logic and team play :) Each match of Dota 2 is independent and involves two teams, both containing five players and each occupying a stronghold at either end of the map. Located in each stronghold is a building called the "Ancient"; to win, a team must destroy the enemy's Ancient. Each player controls a "Hero" character and focuses on leveling up, collecting gold, acquiring items and fighting against the other team to achieve victory.



A match of Dota 2 prominently features the strongholds of two opposing factions, the Radiant and the Dire, containing critical structures called "Ancients", which are defended by a number of lesser buildings.                        


The bases of the two factions are connected by three main paths, referred to as "lanes"

Now for beginners you should go 2 TOP; 2 BOT; 1 MID, you can try to do some trilane and that should be if you are dire  3 top 1 mid 1 solo hard bot if you are radiant : 3 bot 1 mid 1 top :)
you can also choose some jungler (woods) hero  like: Chen , Enchantres , Lycan , Lone Druid , Legion Commander , Ursa , Nature Prophet( Furion) , Keeper of the Light (kotl) , Axe, Doom, Enigma and enc..
Supports are : Eartsheker (ES) , Omninight , Treant Protector , Wisp (IO) , Elder Titan , Earth Spirit ,  Phoenix , Sand king , Tidehunter , Abbadon , Venge , Venomancer , Crystal Maiden , Windranger , Zeus , Lina , Shadow Shaman , Chen , Jakiro , Ogre , Enchantres , Keeper of the Light , Distruptor , Rubick , Silencer , Skywrath Mage , Bane , Lich , Lion , Witch Doctor , Necrophos , Leshrac , Visage , Shadow Demon ,  Ancient Apparition , Warlock , Enigma , Pugna , Dazzle , Dark Seer , 
Carry : Sven ,  Tinker , Tiny , Kunka , Dragon Knight , Huskar , Drow , Shadow Fiend , Alchemist , Brewmaster, Legion commander , Night stalker , Life steeler , Wraith King , Doom , Spiritbraker , Lycan , Chaos Knight , Magnus , Anti mage , Juggernaut , Mirana , Riki , Morphiling , Broodmother , Void , Phantom Lancer , Phantom Assasin , Medusa , Terrorbale , Spectre , Viper , Meepo , Weaver , Razor , Bloodseker , Sniper , Templar Assasin , Luna , Bonty Hunter , Ursa ,  Lone Druid , Naga Siren , Troll , Clinkz , Ember Spirit , Storm Spirit , Nature Prophet , Silencer , Necropus , Queen of Pain , Invoker , Outworld Devourer
 Tanks : Sven , Tiny , Dragon Knight , Clock , Bristleback , Alchemist , Centaur , Pudge , Meepo , Timbersaw , Chaos Knight , Brewmaster,  Medusa , Slardar , Axe , Abbadon , LifeStealer , Doom , Lycan , Night Stalker ,  Spirit Breaker , Skeleton King .. :) 

Now to Win a match you need good team (teamwork ) good picks .. like 2 supports 2 carry 1 tank or 
3 supports 2 hard carry or etc :) DON'T PLAY 5 CARRYS EVER !!!! Now supports need to buy  a courier then upgrade it buy wards and DIE FOR CARRY .. :) if you think you can save the carry with your death do it now ! now supports don't need creeps if you play support let the carry take creeps for more gold and more good items . They don't need kills ( supports) if you sure the enemy player will die don't attack him because you can steel it with magic or auto attack :) now carrys work is to creep and make some kills go to rune all the time .. The rune is born in every 2 minutes on some side .. top or bot river hire is picture

 There are 5 Runes : Double Damage ,  Regeneration , Invisibility , Illusion , Haste 
Runes will spawn at 0:00 and respawn every two minutes at one of two locations on the river, if there isn't a rune already on the map. The last rune must be taken in order for a new one to spawn. Runes will spawn in the river at two locations, either between the top and middle lanes, or between the middle and bottom lanes. The same rune type will not spawn twice in a row.
Bottling Runes
Runes can be picked up and stored in a Bottle. Runes that are stored in bottle will be automatically used after two minutes. A hero that stored a rune can use the stored rune manually by using the bottle. Using a bottled rune will refill the hero's bottle to 3/3 Full. Bottles cannot be dropped or transferred if they have a rune in them.
                                                                                Rune of Double Damage

When activated, gives the Hero and any controlled illusions and meepo clones within 500 AoE a  
+100% damage buff for 45 seconds, although illusions do not actually benefit from this buff. This only affects attack damage, not spell damage. It also does not take into account raw damage items , but only your base damage and any attribute increasing effects.

                                                                      Rune of Haste
When activated, gives the Hero Haste buff (+100% movement speed, immunity to movespeed slow) for 30 seconds. In most cases, this will cause the Hero to move at maximum speed. 

                                                                Rune of Regeneration

When activated, gives the Hero 100 HP/second regeneration and 67 Mana/second regeneration for 30  
seconds. The effect ends if the hero takes damage or if both their health and mana reach their maximum.It is useful to use this regeneration to your advantage with spells in some situations, such as when you're about to use Storm Spirit's Ball Lightning skill or spamming rockets or March of the Machines with Tinker.

                                                                  Rune of Invisibility 

When activated, after a 1 second fade effect, gives the Hero invisibility for 45 seconds. Invisibility is , such as towers or Sentry Wards, but will not lose invisibility. Units under the rune will maintain their collision. During the 1 second fade time, it is possible to consume only one charge of the bottle without breaking invisibility.Broken if they perform actions such as attacking, using items, or using spells. Heroes can still be spotted by any unit with True Sight

                                                                   Rune of Illusion

When activated, creates two illusions of the Hero for 75 seconds. The illusions deal 35% damage and
take 300% damage