Saturday, February 15, 2014

DotA 2 USEFUL Shortcuts

Hello again guys.This post will be for some shortcuts like : Go B , Pick CM , DK , BS , CK , GLHF , GG etc..

Now Most USEFUL shortcuts:
AA - Initialism of Ancient Apparition. 
 AM - Initialism of Anti-Mage                                   
AoE - Initialism for area of effect. It refers to a spell or attack that affects a large area instead of just a single unit. Also used to refer to the range of an area of effect attack, e.g. "500 AoE" refers to the area 500 units, in radius, around the target point.
B - Abbreviation for Back. Used to call for a retreat. A player saying "b" is usually suggesting that everyone pull back. 
BKB - Initialism for Black King Bar, an item that grants magic immunity. 
Bot or Bottom - Refers to the bottom lane of the map. 
Carry - A type of hero which can overpower the enemy team in the late game. These Heroes usually require large amounts of gold and experience in order to be successful.
CK - Initialism of Chaos Knight. 
CM - Initialism of Crystal Maiden. 
CD - (CloolDown) A period of wait time before a spell, ability, or item power can be used again.
CW - Abbreviation for Clan War. Usually refers to a match between arranged teams. 
Deny - Killing your allied unit, hero or building, in order to prevent an enemy from gaining the gold and experience it gives. You can manually attack your own creeps if their health is below 50%, your own towers below if they are below 10%, and heroes affected by certain DoTs if they are below 25%. 


Farm or Farming - The process of slowly earning gold and experience by killing hostile creeps. This tactic is usually slow and tedious, but often required for Carries to reach their maximum

FB - Acronym for First Blood. 
Feeder - A player who "feeds" the enemy team gold and experience by getting killed frequently. 
Gank - Abbreviation for Gang Kill. A strategy where a group of Heroes will try to kill one player by surprise.
GG - "Good game". Usually said by either teams when they are winning or losing and the match is either about to end, or the losing team has given up or accepted defeat
GLHF - "Good luck have fun". Usually said at the start of a game to encourage other players, or just for plain courtesy
Hard Carry - A carry hero, which scales incredibly well with items and requires a substantial amount of farm to be effective. Examples of this are Anti-Mage,Phantom Assasin,Phantom Lancer , Spectre 
Jungling - The process of killing creeps in the woods between lanes. 
LH - Last Hit.When the creep or enemyunit or natural creep is on low hp you attack them and killed
That means LH
KotL -  Ezalor, the Keeper of the Light. 
Mid - The middle of the three lanes in the map. 
Miss - Mentions that a particular Hero has gone missing and is probably setting up for a Gank, e.g.  "Earthshaker miss" means that Earthshaker isn't hvisible to te team. 
Necro - may refer to Necrophos or the Necronomicon. Rarely used to refer to Visage, the Necro'lic.
Nuke - A spell whose purpose is to deal a large amount of damage immediately.Ex of nukers : Lina , Lion , Shadow Fiend , Zeus , Nyx , Bonty Hunter, Tinker , Death Prophet , Riki , Visage , Skywrith Mage
OOM - Out of mana, indication that you're unable to cast any more spells because you're out of mana.

PotM - Mirana, the Priestess of the Moon
Pull or PullingA - technique where a hero gets the attention of a hostile unit to draw them away or force them to follow.
Rax  - Abbreviation for Barracks.
Roshan or Rosh - Roshan is a difficult-to-kill neutral creep that drops the Aegis of the Immortal when killed. Spawns at the beginning of the game, respawns 8-11 minutes after it is killed.
Safe lane - See Long lane.
Silence - An ability that prevents the target from using Skills and certain Abilities.
SK - Abbreviation for Sand King, Skeleton King and/or Soul Keeper (the last two now called Wraith King and simply Terrorblade in Dota 2). 
Solo - Being the only hero on the lane. A player may call for "solo" to prevent other players from interrupting or farming in their lane.
SS - See miss. Mentions that a particular Hero has gone missing and is probably setting up for a Gank, e.g. "Earthshaker ss" means that Earthshaker isn't visible to the team.
Stacking - A technique which allows several groups of neutral creeps to spawn at once. 
Support - A Hero whose primary function is to help their own team through heals, buffs, and detection, or sabotaging the enemy team through disables, slows, or debuffs.
Tank - A Hero that can take a lot of damage and abuse before dying. See also Durable. 
Top - Refers to the top lane of the map. For the Radiant, this is the lane to the West. For the Dire, this is the lane to the North. 
TP - Teleport, can also be used as an initialism for Scroll of Town Portal.

Wards - Items that can be placed almost anywhere on the map and provide vision around the location for 7 minutes. 
WD - Initialism for Witch Doctor.
WW - Initialism for Wind Walk (From DotA), or sometimes generalized for enemies who gained invisibility (through runes, items, or buffs).