Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Annoying Heroes

Hello guys! Today I'll talk about most annoying heroes of DotA2 :)

                Now lets start with Riki

Riki: The king of invisible heroes. His ultimate can permanently turn him invisible. He also has a purple smoke move that can silence you. Simply walk out of the smoke to get rid of the status effect. Read the invisible hero section for how to get rid of him.
Here is the link with explanation of "HOW TO DEAL WITH INVISIBLE HEROES" >>>CLICK HERE<<<


 Kunkka:He is a tank/carry hero and he really bother with the second spell
To escape that try to get out of that range and just read this: on his 1st lvl her spell is 500 range and 13 second cd (if you don't know what is cd check out >>here<<  )so you can farm 10 seconds then you get back for 2 second when he attack on his 2nd lvl on second spell his cd is 10 sec. so you farm like 7/8 then you go back just to take exp.On 3rd lvl on second spell his cd is 7 sec so you farm 5 second then get back and on his 4th lvl on second spell his cd is 4 sec. you farm like 2/3 sec get back wait he attack the you farm again !;) 

Axe’s Battle Hunger: This move does damage over time (you will have a bull head above you when it’s active). However, you can get rid of it if you get the last hit on something, whether it be a hero, enemy creep, or even denying a friendly creep.

Keeper of the Light: He has a move that can demolish creep waves and do a TON of damage to you. However, it is easy to know when its coming and fairly easy to dodge. Keeper also cannot take a lot of damage, so if you catch him off guard, he can’t do much.This is a channeled spell The range on this is absurdly long, and it can do massive damage early in the game. Now to escape that you should place a wards so you can see him when he is casting then you can easily escape :)


 Silencer’s Curse of the Silent/Last Word: Curse of the Silent saps your health and mana, but can preemptively go away by casting a spell. Silencer will combo this with Last Word, which cause you to take damage and be silence if you cast a spell. If you don’t cast one, you will still take damage, and also be disarmed which means you can’t even auto attack. Heroes with spammable spells are good at avoiding this damage, and making Silencer waste his mana.

 Templar Assasin:Psi blades slice through the attacked unit, spilling and damaging enemy units directly behind it, while gaining bonus attack range.Now to escape that you need to stay away of the creep he attacking .

Weaver: He is A really annoying hero, witch uses his second spell to escape, harras, farm, and dodge spells. So to avoid that you should buy sentry wards and lace them so when he comes you can see him, and then u can attack or avoid him.